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Today's business environment is more competitive than ever, with marketing playing an increasingly important role.

Mike Pascarella explains:"The connection between good marketing and a successful business is often underestimated. Although quality, value, and customer service are important components in your business, without a strong message and outreach, you're at risk of being a 'best kept secret,' and that can lead to disaster."

As both a marketing and digital media company, P/M undertstands how both functions work together to provide the best results possible. That's the P/M advantage.
"Digital media's primary goal is to communicate effectively, and in the case of promotional media, to elicit action. But, before that can happen, you must understand what motivates your target audience."

Even with our most basic media projects, before the first word is written, or the first frame of video is shot, marketing goals and objectives are established. Mike concludes: "From that standpoint , you're better able to craft a piece that connects with your audience, resulting in a far more successful promotion."

Pascarella Multimedia provides marketing services critical to your business, including:

Market research

Data analysis

Brand development

Logo, packaging, and graphic design

Strategic marketing and focus groups

Short and long-term marketing plans

Traditional and social media consulting

Public relations and advertising

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